Ethical AI Advisory

An ethical approach to AI

The current and rapid rise of AI presents numerous challenges and opportunities for humankind. Gartner predicts that 85% of all AI projects in the next two years will have erroneous outcomes. Adopting an ethical approach to the development and use of AI works to ensure organisations, leaders, and developers are aware of the potential dangers of AI and by integrating ethical principles into the design, development and deployment of AI, seek to avoid any potential harm.

Ethical AI Advisory is a consulting firm led by global experts in Artificial Intelligence and Organisational Behaviour, assisting leaders and organisations to develop and integrate ethical AI.

Ethical AI Advisory is excited to announce that we are now part of the Gradient Institute where we will continue our shared mission of Responsible AI

Ethical AI Services

“When the data we feed the machines reflects the history of our own unequal society, we are in effect asking the program to learn our own biases.”

Adair Morse

The Ethical AI Advisory team provides strategic advice to Boards, CEOs, executive teams and leaders in the private, public and community sectors on how to take an ethical approach to the development and deployment of Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technologies.
With Artificial Intelligence (AI) being the fastest growing technology sector in the world, many organisations are looking to AI to solve problems associated with productivity, remote workforces, decision making, knowledge retrieval, analytics and customer experience.
AI should provide great benefits however it also has the potential to cause great harm if not approached ethically.

Check out the video below to find out how your organisation can design and deploy AI Ethically.

Led by Dr Catriona Wallace, one of the world’s most cited experts and an experienced practitioner in Artificial Intelligence, Ethical AI Advisory assists organisations, teams and individuals:
  • Incorporate AI Ethics and Human Rights Frameworks into strategy and operations
  • Deploy AI Ethics and Human Rights Tool Kits
  • Develop awareness around data gaps in regard to diversity and inclusion
  • Increase AI awareness and knowledge in leadership teams

By utilising the services of Ethical AI Advisory organisations can build sustainable and ethical operations, mitigating the potential risks posed by AI and further develop their leadership team.

All programs can be delivered online or in person, one-on-one or in groups or large teams.

Responsible AI

Ethical AI Advisory and Gradient Institute call on Australian organisations to invest in responsible artificial intelligence (AI) strategies.

Responsible AI is critical in ensuring the ethical and appropriate application of AI technology, which is the fastest growing technology sector in the world.

Ethical AI Frameworks
& Toolkits

Services include programs to help organisations understand and deploy the principles of ethics in technology and those specific to AI. The frameworks detail the requirements of the principles and the Toolkits help approaches to development of technology features.

Leadership Team AI Awareness
& Education

Today, it is essential for Boards, Executives and Leaders to have knowledge of AI and how ethics are incorporated into an AI strategy. Leadership education programs cover: AI definitions, types, history, philosophy, use cases, risks, data, algorithms, culture and vendor selection.

Mentoring & Coaching

Dr Catriona Wallace offers Mentoring & Coaching online and face to face, for individuals or teams across topics including career development, leadership capability development, team development, Crisis Leadership, and more.

Keynote Speaking

Dr Catriona Wallace is an internationally renowned speaker who delivers keynotes on: AI Strategy; AI Ethics & Human Rights; The Future of Work: Human + Machine; The Future of Customer Experience; Women in Leadership; and Crisis Leadership.

Trinity Robot

Trinity is an AI software robot that supports humans giving speeches, lectures or teaching. It also acts as a Student Assistant that can answer questions humans have. Trinity is in early stage prototype developed as an Ethical AI.

Why Ethical AI?

With around US$38bn invested in AI in the last 12 months and growing twelve-fold over the next 5 years, AI is the fastest growing tech sector in the world. With AI due to replace millions of jobs in the next few years and fundamentally change the way business is done and how we live our lives, the most important question to ask is – how will we undertake this transformation ethically?

Today the technology is far in advance of where government legislation or regulations are, and as such the potential for AI to be designed, trained and deployed in a way that may disadvantage certain groups of people, negatively affect the environment and generate erroneous outcomes, is high. In fact, Gartner predicts that 85% of all AI projects in the next 2 years will have erroneous outcomes.

A solution for this is to implement Ethical frameworks that guide organisations, leaders, and developers towards AI being developed and deployed for good.

AI that is designed ethically is created with human centred values, the environment, security, privacy, safety, contestability, transparency and accountability at its core. This type of AI has the potential to greatly improve the human experience, productivity, intelligence, health and the quality of life for individuals, society, business and the environment.

With a deep interest and knowledge in the ethics of AI and AI for good, Ethical AI Advisory has established itself as the go-to agency for advice related to AI Ethics and Human Rights.