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Here we bring to you the stories of ethics, artificial intelligence and what happens when robots go bad, are unethical or work against humanity…

Ethical AI

This blog provides you great info on the principles, tools and examples of AI done ethically.

Ethical AI – The global context: Singapore

Ethical AI – The global context: Singapore

Singapore has been a significant contributor to the global discussion on the ethics of AI – recently releasing three documents for trade associations and chambers, professional bodies, and interest groups for discussion, and adaption for their own use.

Principles versus practice

Principles versus practice

In recent years numerous companies, governments, NGOs and academic institutions have developed and publicised their AI ethics principles.

Bad Robots

This blog highlights the times when bots go bad, are designed unethically, make biased decisions, discriminate against people, affect the environment, try to hurt people or are just not good for humanity.

Ethical AI Whitepapers

Business Canvas for Ethical AI, Richard Vidgen

Richard Vidgen, Professor of Business Analytics at UNSW presents a Whitepaper on a Business Canvas for Ethical AI. Using five key dimensions of Utilitarian, Rights, Justice, Common Good and Virtue a new model for business ethics is created.