Ethical AI Advisory Services

In working with many organisations both in Australia and internationally, we have learned that organisations often need assistance in designing and developing frameworks, toolkits, guidelines, policies, practices and systems in order to reduce risk and optimise good outcomes from AI. To support these objectives Ethical AI Advisory provides the following services:

Ethical AI Frameworks
& Toolkits

Services include programs to help organisations understand and deploy the principles of ethics in technology and those specific to AI. The frameworks detail the requirements of the principles and the Toolkits help approaches to development of technology features.

Leadership Team AI Awareness
& Education

Today, it is essential for Boards, Executives and Leaders to have knowledge of AI and how ethics are incorporated into an AI strategy. Leadership education programs cover: AI definitions, types, history, philosophy, use cases, risks, data, algorithms, culture and vendor selection.

Mentoring & Coaching

Dr Catriona Wallace offers Mentoring & Coaching online and face to face, for individuals or teams across topics including career development, leadership capability development, team development, Crisis Leadership, and more.

Keynote Speaking

Dr Catriona Wallace is an internationally renowned speaker who delivers keynotes on: AI Strategy; AI Ethics & Human Rights; The Future of Work: Human + Machine; The Future of Customer Experience; Women in Leadership; and Crisis Leadership.

Trinity Robot

Trinity is an AI software robot that supports humans giving speeches, lectures or teaching. It also acts as a Student Assistant that can answer questions humans have. Trinity is in early stage prototype developed as an Ethical AI.

These services are designed for:


Executive Teams


Leadership Teams

… and are suitable for private sector, public sector and community organisations

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