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Dr Catriona Wallace is a renowned international speaker in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Emerging Technology, Organisational Transformation, Customer Experience, Crisis Leadership, Women in Leadership and Entrepreneurship.

Catriona is represented by Ode Management and her keynotes include:

Keynote: Artificial Intelligence – providing hope at a time of crisis

As the world moves into an unprecedented time of crisis management, the role of Artificial Intelligence has become extremely important. As companies and institutions reconfigure their organisational structures, send their employees home to work, avoid human to human interactions, minimise their expenditure and try to innovate their way out of the crisis, we will see the use of AI increasing as a means to enable each of these factors.

Dr Catriona Wallace, an expert in AI and organisational behaviour will present on how Artificial Intelligence can be used to:

  1. Develop a Digital Workforce that augments employees
  2. Enable home-based work
  3. Create efficient information sharing and collaboration for a decentralised workforce
  4. Drive efficiency and cost savings
  5. Power innovative solutions that will be in demand post the end of the crisis

Ideas, solutions and strategies on the above will be discussed. This presentation is suitable for:

  • Boards
  • Executive teams
  • Operations Leaders
  • HR Leaders
  • Sale and Service Leaders
  • Organisational Design and Development Leaders
  • Business Managers
  • IT Leaders

Keynote: The Augmented Age of Customer

Artificial Intelligence is set to replace 40% of customer service jobs and 30% of customer interactions in the next 5 years. And the time of Singularity where the machines are smarter than humans is less than 20 years away.

How will customers navigate this 4th Industrial Revolution?

Will customers use AI and will this actually provide them more power and also control of their own data?

Dr Wallace will present a highly accessible insight driven presentation on Artificial Intelligence and Customer Experience and how this may play out by 2025. Key insights and lessons will be shared on how to get started on an AI path for customer experience … in order for customers to have true equity….!

Keynote: Emerging Technologies set to Transform Customer Experience

Emerging technologies are set to be one of the top 3 factors, alongside Climate Change and Nuclear War, that will fundamentally change the way humans interact. Dr Wallace presents an intriguing discussion on the core technologies that will disrupt the usual enterprise-customer relationship and will examine what might go well and what could go very badly. Also discussed will be Responsible Innovation guidelines and ethics.

  • Core Tech Trends that will affect Customer Experience
  • AI as a Service/AI fuelled organisations
  • Passive to generative to intuitive technology
  • Automation
  • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality
  • 5G
  • Mobile Commerce / Decline of Apps
  • Hyper personalisation to Individualisation
  • Voice
  • Blockchain
  • Cyber security – Culture of Security
  • Crypto currency collapse or rise
  • No ops Services
  • Connectivity
  • Mid-Market Tech Growth
  • Analytics
  • Ethics and Human Rights

Keynote: AI Philosophy: What AI teaches us about being Human

Nuclear War, Climate Change and Disruptive Technologies are the top 3 challenges the world faces today. Artificial Intelligence, described as the most powerful force equal in impact to the invention of fire and electricity, is the primary power driving the massive changes that disruptive technologies will bring.

How will we do AI ethically?

Who is leading the decisions, regulations, and legislation that will direct AI to do good rather than harm? What role will individuals and businesses play in this powerful yet unregulated field?

How will we ensure we do not hard code society’s current problems into the machines that will be running the world?

In this insightful presentation, Dr Catriona Wallace will present AI philosophy, concepts and warnings as well as potential solutions to mitigate against ‘Robot Harm’ that the audience may never have even considered.

Keynote: Leadership – when is it best to have robots lead?

Dr Catriona Wallace’s expertise and PhD is in the area of robots replacing human leaders. This presentation examines when is it best to have robots, software or machines lead versus humans.

When would you have robots and humans paired up to lead a team or organisation?

What skills do they have?

When does the human+robot combination work well and where might it go badly?

And what role does ethics and human rights play in the Socio-technical organisations where AI will supercharge both digital and human capital.

Keynote: The Augmented Age: Humans, Creativity, Design and Business augmented by Robots. Good or bad for Customer Experience?

AI is the fastest growing tech sector in the world and no sector will be immune from its powerful ability to amplify systems and augment humans. Quite simply, AI makes things faster, bigger, cheaper. But it also breaks things faster, bigger, cheaper. With Christie’s recently selling its first AI artwork for US$432,500, AI has clearly and firmly arrived in the creativity sector. But how will this all pan out?

Dr Catriona Wallace, with a PhD in technology replacing human leaders, founder of an AI company and government advisor on AI & Ethics, will share her insights and experiences on ‘The Augmented Age’ and will discuss what is fast coming in the fields of creativity, business and leadership; and ultimately how this will effect customer experience.

Key takeways include:

  • State of the AI market: Business, creativity, leadership, customer experience
  • How AI drives creativity
  • Human+Machine – how AI amplifies systems and augments humans
  • Customer Experience – how an AI enabled workforce will greatly improve customer experience
  • AI & Ethics – where all this could truly go wrong, and what to do to avoid Bad AI.

Keynote: Crisis Leadership: A Sustainability Topic

Summer 2019 saw the world’s attention turn to the devastating bushfires that deeply impacted Australia. 46 million acres were burned. 20 times larger than the Amazon fires.

It was an emergency. A national crisis.

Much commentary focused on leadership from politicians, responders, communities, businesses, agencies and individuals. So, what is Crisis Leadership and how is it done well?

With first-hand experience of the fires destroying two family properties Dr Catriona Wallace presents on the emerging topic of Crisis Leadership – the ability to direct and effectively reduce the duration and impact of extreme situations. Crisis Leadership focuses on multi-level strategy with multi-level contingencies, multi-mode communications, clarity of vision, explicit and actioned values, effective logistics and building empathy and caring relationships. This is done through leading decisively, continuously framing the crisis, ensuring diversity in teams and decision making, actively communicating, logistical excellence, being ready for the unexpected and driving actionable intelligence.

What happens and who leads before, during and after a crisis?

Lessons from the Australian Bushfire Crisis are discussed and analysed with a model for effective Crisis Leadership presented.

Key takeaways:

  • Identifying a crisis
  • Effective leadership attributes during crisis
  • Leadership team constructs, behaviours, skills and attitudes
  • Leading out of the crisis
  • A model for Crisis Leadership


Keynote: The Heroine’s Path – A model that all women & men should know

There is enormous pressure on enterprises today to genuinely demonstrate strategies of diversity and inclusion. However, the numbers show that we are moving very slowly towards any type of equity – women hold only: 14% of Chair roles, 26% of Directorships, 17% of CEOs and 30% of management. During their 30s and 40s women leave the workforce in droves.

But why?

Is it the pay gap or having children?


But what if the reasons that women do not progress as expected is that there is something else at play. By examining the Heroine’s Path we see that women often progress through 8 stages before they can truly stand in their power: separation from the feminine, identification with the masculine, the illusion of success, emotional/spiritual aridity, descent to the feminine, yearning for the feminine, healing of the feminine self and integration of self.

This keynote discusses the Heroine’s Path and provides incredible insights into the stations that women often go through before being their truly empowered self.

About the Speaker

Dr Catriona Wallace has been recognised as one of the Most Influential Woman in Business & Entrepreneurship (AFR) and as a pre-eminent scientist by the Royal Institution of Australia. Catriona is also an Adjunct Professor at the Australian Graduate School of Management, UNSW.

Based between the Australia and the US, Catriona is the Founder & Executive Director of Artificial Intelligence and ASX Listed company Flamingo Ai, provider of Machine Learning based technologies.

Flamingo Ai is the second only woman led (CEO & Chair) business ever to list on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Catriona works closely with various government agencies on the development of AI, Ethics and Human Rights Frameworks and programs.
Described by Womens’ Agenda as one of the Top 30 Women redefining business, Catriona has also achieved Advance Global’s highest award in Technology & Innovation for Australians working abroad.

Catriona has a PhD in Organizational Behaviour: Technology Substituting for Human Leaders and is one of the world’s most cited experts on the topics of Artificial Intelligence, Customer Experience, Ethics & Human Rights in technology and Women in Leadership.

Catriona is also a philanthropist, Human Rights activist and mother of five.
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