Leadership Team AI Awareness & Education

All programs and services can be delivered online or in person.

With a knowledgeable leadership team, supported by good advisors and vendors, an effective AI strategy can be developed. Additionally, leaders who understand an approach to ethics are likely to improve the outcomes of their AI strategy as well as building trust in employees and customers.

The programs and services delivered for Leadership Team AI Awareness and Education include:

1. Definitions of AI

What is AI and how is it best defined and understood.


2. Types of AI

Various types of AI are explained including machine learning, robotics process automation, deep learning, natural language processing, AI driven data analytics, computer vision, robotics and sensors, other.


3. History of AI

An analysis of the timeline of AI from the 1950s to current time.


4. Philosophies and Theories of AI

Various philosophical approaches are discussed as well as the exploration of different theories related to AI.


5. Best Use Cases for AI

Use cases and case studies of successful AI are discussed. Establishment of Business Cases for AI, establishing Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Learning (ROL) for AI.


6. What could go wrong with AI?

Use cases where AI has been poorly deployed or has caused harm are explored.


7. Data and algorithms for AI

This session looks at what data is required for AI, how it should be sourced, transformed, how bias can be removed and how algorithmic models should be chosen.


8. Choosing an AI vendor

Best practice guidelines for choosing an AI partner.


9. AI Culture and Human Resources

Developing a Socio-Technical organisation structure, Human + Machine – developing an AI culture; preparing staff for an AI future; training of employees with regard to HAVA (Human Assisted Virtual Assistants) or HAMA (Human Assisted Machine Assisted) jobs

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