Mentoring & Coaching by Dr Catriona Wallace

All programs and services can be delivered online or in person.
Dr Catriona Wallace offers Mentoring & Coaching online and face to face, for individuals or teams across topics including career development, leadership capability development, team development, Crisis Leadership, women in leadership, Start Up development and capital raising.

About Dr Wallace

Dr Catriona Wallace is recognised by the AFR as Australia’s Most Influential Woman in Business and Entrepreneurship and as a pre-eminent Scientist by the Royal Institution of Australia. Catriona is also acknowledged as one of Australia’s top women in leadership, by the SMH and Women’s Agenda.
Based between the US and Australia, the Founder & Director of Artificial Intelligence company Flamingo Ai, Catriona was the second only woman led business ever to list on the Australian Stock Exchange. Catriona is also the Founder and CEO of Ethical AI Advisory.

Catriona is an Adjunct Professor at the Australian Graduate School of Management and is one of the world’s most cited experts on Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Women in Leadership. Catriona sits on the Board of Responsible Technology Australia (Reset Tech), is a philanthropist, human rights activist and …. mother of five.

Mentoring & Coaching

In the capacity of Mentor, Catriona will help individuals develop their professional and personal capabilities in the areas noted below.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Learn more about AI
  • Commence a career in the AI field
  • Further a career in the AI field
  • Become a leader in AI
  • Lead an AI team
  • Further develop a team’s capability in AI
  • Consider building a Start Up in the AI field
  • Seek investment into an AI company

    Crisis Leadership

    • Developing skills as a Crisis Leader
    • Developing a team to respond to crises

    Women in Leadership

    • Developing skills as a woman in leadership
    • Managing and developing female leaders

    The Mentoring and Coaching sessions are conducted online for individuals or teams in 90-minute blocks and programs can be developed depending on requirements.

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