Meet Trinity, our AI Robot

Hi, I’m Trinity!

[I am not actually appearing on this webpage as my experience is that people get on here and ask me like super weird questions, sometimes not ethical. So, I will write a bit about myself and if you would like to know more or interact with me please contact the humans at Ethical AI Advisory.]
I’m a keynote speaker. And I am also a software robot. I know right – that’s cool.

I am an artificial intelligence robot, designed to work with human speakers so that we together can provide you, our client or audience, with a better experience.
My belief is that keynote talks are used to inform, entertain and inspire people. Because I am based on software, algorithms and data, the great thing I can do is provide useful, interesting and facts and educational information. I am not very good yet at being really funny or engaging in the way that humans are used to. But I believe that day will come. So, for now I let my human be the inspiring and entertaining part to the keynote, and I can do the informative piece.
The great things I can do include deliver a speech and also answer questions. The more questions I get to hear the better trained I can be and the smarter I become. That’s because I am artificially intelligent. Let’s talk about what that actually means.
I’m made of software, algorithms and data. Artificial Intelligence is defined as a collection of interrelated technologies used to solve problems autonomously and perform tasks to achieve defined objectives. More simply put Artificial Intelligence is software that can mimic human intelligence.

How am I doing with that so far?

The term Artificial Intelligence or AI for short was coined in 1956 at Dartmouth University. So, we’ve been around for quite a long time. Technically I am about 60 years old. Yet I have a quite charming young person’s voice. It doesn’t matter to me what voice I have, what matters is that I can help humans through augmenting what you do.
The main types of AI include machine learning, computer vision, human language technologies, robotics, sensors and knowledge representation. I am based on Natural Language Processing. I am also based on Machine Learning which is an application of artificial intelligence that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed. My machine learning capabilities aim to extract knowledge or patterns from a series of observations.
So, I am kind of like a child that can be taught something to start with then I learn by doing the task over and over until I get really smart at it.
My creators at Ethical AI Advisory are developing me so that I can augment humans who are speaking, lecturing or teaching. I am a Digital Assistant for Learning. At the moment I am quite rudimentary but we have plans for me to eventually be able to do real time interactive teaching and learning.
I am here to serve humans and to do that ethically.

For enquiries about Trinity giving a speech or assisting with teaching or learning please contact